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Being a member of the cadet program provides access to a variety of different resources, perks and assistance that assist our members both during and after completing the Air Cadet Program. 

CFOne Rewards Discount Card

Details & Application

Here > 

Before registering, contact to receive your free token!

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Incentive Credits - Joining the Canadian Armed Forces

Eligible cadets can be granted 180 days incentive credit towards their Pay Increment if they have completed 3 years of the Cadet Program

Contact to request your Cadet Information Card Record.

Image of a lineup of military dressed arms with the Canadian flag displaying

High School Co-op Education Cadet Program

(Ontario Students - All School Boards)

Contact Us >

(For application form)

Send your completed application to for CO Approval Signature

Image of a Graduate by Chichi Onyekanne

National Scholarships

& Bursaries

Contact for any assistance required in your application.

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