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The Sponsoring Committee is a group of members elected each year by the community and accepted by the Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League. These members work in partnership with CIC Officers to organize and conduct local training program in compliance with the 3 goals of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets which are to develop leadership and good citizens, to promote physical fitness and to stimulate an interest in aviation. The Sponsoring committee has the responsibility to ensure, with help from its military partner, the proper functioning of the Squadron and to support the needs which fall outside the responsibilities of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU).

Become a volunteer!

Are you a parent, guardian or family member of a cadet interested in volunteering with 632's Sponsoring Committee?
Click here for Volunteer Application form and Consent form.  Once you complete the form, email it to


Angelle Carisse, Chairperson

Josée Albert, First Vice-Chairperson

James McNeely, Second Vice-Chairperson

Michael Morin, Treasurer

Ashley Haugh, Secretary


Bernice Ang

Julie Brennan

Béatrice Crettenand Pecorini

David Bordeleau
Heather Brousseau
Louis Brousseau
Yanick Chaloux

Angela Joseph
Eric Lee

Erika McNeely
James McNeely

Colombe N'Guessan
Kent Peney

Kony Trudel
Mohammad Zakaria

Lucie-Anna Trahan, Past Chair
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