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Soar to new heights with our optional activities! Take your cadet experience to a whole new level. We offer different activities year-to-year to supplement your cadet training. This optional training will give you the chance to compete against other cadets, learn new skills and sports and bond with your teammates. Learn more about our teams below!

Would you like to get in contact with a team coach to learn more about a certain activity? View the staff directory to find the team coach.


Biathlon is the competitive sport of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting through a course as fast, and as accurate, as you can.  The cadet team competes at the regional, provincial, and national levels of the cadet competition.


No experience or equipment is required.  We will provide you with both!  The season starts in October and ends with the races in February.  Please check the info below for time and location each week.

Picture of a youth cross country skiing


Drill is an important part of cadet training. Drill promotes discipline, alertness, precision, pride, steadiness, and the cohesion necessary for success within a group.

From a leadership perspective, drill is an excellent vehicle to help enhance some personal attributes. Drill Team is a great opportunity to make friends with cadets from all levels of the program. Cadets on the team are known for their high standards of drill, dress and deportment.

a youth in cadet uniform in the foreground marching past a youth in the background standing at attention


Cadet marksmanship had its roots in familiarization training with the Canadian Forces. Its current focus, however, is on teaching cadets the proper use and safe handling of firearms for recreational purposes only. The marksmanship program has been specifically designed for youth and is based on Olympic-style competition. 


Throughout the year, cadets participate in a series of competitions.

a line of youth laying on mats down from a range, aiming air rifles


Here at air cadets we can teach you how to fly an aircraft and become a pilot!


 Joining the Junior or Senior Pilot Training Program is the first step!


During this course, you will learn everything you need to know to be successful with your application for the Glider or Power Pilot summer course. This course will also prepare you for any other aviation summer course you wish to pursue.

youth standing in a group around a yellow glider


Cadet Correspondents are the voice of the Cadet Program. They are liaisons between the public and what is happening in the Cadet Program through the use of creative story telling, writing, photography, video making and social media posting. 

Cadets choosing to explore this activity have the opportunity to complete the Correspondents Workshop, providing valuable knowledge and skills in Public Affairs.

A youth, wearing an air cadet uniform, holding and looking through a large camera


The Effective Speaking program provides opportunity for Air Cadets to find their voice and build self-confidence through practice, workshops, and competition. You will learn to be bold and speak confidently in any social situation!


Develop a skill that will help you in cadets, school, and your career. Cadets will have the opportunity to participate in a public speaking competition, but competing is not mandatory.

a youth standing at a podium with my microphone speaking, wearing the air cadet uniform


Within the band program, cadets will not only learn how to play an instrument, but they will also learn music theory, marching as a band (band drill) and playing within an ensemble with other squadrons. For those a little more advanced, they will learn how to teach and mentor other cadets.


No music experience is required, however, if you already play music at home or at school, this is a great complimentary program. The more you play, the more you learn.

youth wearing air cadet uniforms marking toward the camera playing a flute and a saxophone
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