Please note that due to a recent storage locker move and the higher-than-normal volume of uniform requests caused by the long Covid pause without in-person training, we are experiencing delays with issuing uniform parts to cadets.  Our priority remains to ensure each cadet has at least one type of uniform to wear up to standards (either blue or olive green FTU [Field Training Uniform] including new beret and FTU boots) before issuing out a blue uniform to new cadets.


We will do our best to provide the uniform parts as per measurements provided in the Uniform Request Form.

Your patience is appreciated as we have limited stock and orders can take weeks to be shipped by our supplier.  


We remind you that besides nametags (first one provided for free, others to be purchased via the Kit Shop) all uniform parts are provided on loan free of charge and are to be returned once cadets leave or graduate from the air cadet program at 632 Phoenix Squadron.


To learn how to properly wear your uniform. please refer to the Dress Standards. You will find more information on the order of dress, instructions on where to sew your badges, meaning of each badge, and much more. Take good care of your uniform, particularly your blue tunic, it is a display of your self-discipline, achievements and pride to be an air cadet!