Summer courses are divided in to two separate categories,

National camps and Quota camps. Information pertaining

to each can be found below. Applications can be submitted

using the tool below as well.

NOTE: National camp applications and Regional Camp

applications are done at different times in the year.

National Camps applications are done in the fall and

Regional Camp applications are done in the winter.

Announcements will be made when applications can be


After submitting your application, the CO will assign

priority to your file based on a merit review process.

The following are considered in the process:

  • Attendance to Mandatory Activities

  • Attendance to Optional Activities

  • Positive Participation

  • Level Performance

  • Seniority

  • Dress and Deportment

  • Behaviour

Course dates are usually available in late November (National Camps) and late March (Regional Camps).  Cadets should apply even if they are not sure that they will be available for the course. Course dates will be made publicly available when they are known through this page and via announcements. Please make sure to check the minimum eligibility requirements (level, age, etc.) in the course descriptions at the bottom of the page before applying.