Uniform Service

Uniform service gives you the opportunity to have your badges sewn in accordance with Annex F of CATO 55-04 (Rules and Regulations for Cadet Uniforms) and professionally (machine stitched). To our knowledge, no squadron offers this service, so enjoy!

It's so easy:

1. Bring your tunic and your badges at 6:10 p.m. (first come, first served) at the Sponsoring Committee table (on the right when entering the school hall);

2. Pay cash the exact amount (no change);

3. Take your tunic the same evening at 9:00 p.m.

All money raised will be entirely given in support of the 632 squadron!

Price for sewing: Minimum price, thank you for all additional donations.

$2.00 per badge.

$2.50 to sew the wedge's points by hand.

Package deal of max. $15.00 for complete change of tunic with all badges.

Please note

Normally, this service is offered every Wednesday during training evenings. However, it may be cancelled in the absence of the seamstress.

This service provides neither uniforms nor badges. Please see Supply for all matters relating to uniform pieces. We offer only a sewing service.

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