Medal Applications

Updated: Mar 23

Deserving Level 4 and 5 cadets are invited to apply for the Lord Strathcona Medal and the Legion Medal of Excellence.

The Lord Strathcona Medal (LSM)

The Lord Strathcona Medal (LSM) is the highest Award which can be bestowed upon a cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training.

Selection Criteria:

  • met all requirements of the squadron annual mandatory and optional training programs

  • participated in a minimum of three community service events, (outside cadets) in addition to those supported by the cadet unit;

  • Be regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet;

  • Enhance the cadet squadron through:

  • co-operation with peers and subordinates;

  • comradeship;

  • promoting goodwill and morale within the squadron;

  • aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness;

  • supporting and assisting fellow unit members; and

  • his/her involvement in the local community

Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded in recognition for a cadet for their individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement.

Selection Criteria:

  • Met all the requirements of the squadrons mandatory training programs.

  • Be highly active in community service activities

  • Regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet. Enhanced the cadet squadron through:

  • Cooperation with peers and subordinates

  • Leadership

  • Promoting goodwill and morale within the squadron

How to apply:

The applicant must submit with the application a narrative of 300 – 500 words which supports why they feel they are eligible and why they meet the selection criteria above. They may provide supporting documentation support their narrative (i.e.). Awards, certificates, letters of appreciation, etc.). Applications are to be submitted to by March 24, 2021.

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